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Can I make a late loan payment?

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It is important that payments are made in full and on time each month, as that is our contractual agreement and this could help build your credit rating.

We’ve made repaying your loan as flexible and stress-free as possible for you. That’s why we give you the option to change your repayment date so that it works for you.

Simply log in to your ClearLoans account here and ‘View Payment Details’ to select ‘change repayment date’

There are some rules to consider before changing your payment date:

  • You can't move the date of your first payment, so make sure you choose this date carefully.
  • No date changes can take place if you're behind on a payment.
  • You can only change your payment date 3 times over the loan term.
  • If you usually pay by Direct Debit then you need to give us 5 working days notice before your payment is due so we can tell the bank.
  • Your new repayment date must be within 31 days of your last repayment date.

If your payment is late, we will notify both you and your guarantor and then collect the payment from them immediately.

We are checking your information. Please be patient.