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Complaints – how we can help

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service at all times. We lend to our customers based on trust and a human decision to offer a second chance. As humans, sometimes we can make mistakes, so we are here to help and we always want to hear your concerns.

Why should I make a complaint?

We're committed to helping put things right if something goes wrong or if you're unhappy. It's important that you let us know about any concerns as soon as possible, as this gives us the best opportunity to help reach a solution quickly and fairly for you. If you don't let us know, we may not have the chance to give you the best experience possible. We'd always encourage you to speak with our customer service teams first, as they have lots of information and resources available to help you and to look at options to assist. If you do remain unhappy, our Customer Relations Team are always able to look into your concerns further.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have already spoken with our customer service teams first and you remain unhappy, please contact our Customer Relations Team using the email address below:

Please make sure to include as much information as possible, such as:

  • Your full name
  • Your best contact number
  • A detailed summary of what's gone wrong
  • Any attachments to help us investigate

What should I do once I make a complaint?

We'll stay in contact with you and provide you with clear information so that you know what's happening with your complaint every step of the way. You can also ask us any extra questions or provide any information that will help us look into your concerns. You will still have the option to speak with our customer service teams whilst your complaint is open. If you have a loan with us, we’d recommend that you continue to make any payments that you can afford towards the account.

What if I want to complain elsewhere?

If you do complain elsewhere first, they'll likely refer you back to us to begin with. Instead, we're confident that if you contact us first and give us the opportunity, we can find out what went wrong and help resolve this for you faster and better than anyone else. If for any reason we can’t help fix things for you after we've had the opportunity to investigate, you can find more information about your options to complain elsewhere here.

We are checking your information. Please be patient.